GCH BIS BISS AM/CAN CH Alder's Checkered Flag CGN

BISS Am/Can Ch Kawakami's Bearpaw Legend x Ch Alder's Bit Chen Bear Hugs

Checker is an outstanding young male. He finished 2002 the number 2 Akita in Canada. He has been in the top 5 akita's in Canada since he was a year old, he has won BISS BPIS. He now also has multi BIS winner and the NUMBER 1 Akita in 2005. Checker is loved and adored by George and Charlene Boone.

Breeder: Alder Akitas
Owner: George and Charlene Boone
DOB: 8/20/1999
Cerf: Normal 
Thyroid: Normal  AK-TH47/28M-PI

Frozen Semen Available To approved ladies

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
AM/CAN CH Kawakami's Bearpaw Legend AM/CAN CH Northland's Shere Khan of SDM Kita No Unryu of Sasahara Kensha
AM CH Frakari Starfire O' Northland
CH Kawakami's O-Mi-Kami-Mikomi CH Kawakami's Zschariah
CH Kawakami's Wesaka's Kitan Makita
CH Alder's Bit Chen Bear Hugs CH Stonewalls Kentucky Derby AM CH Fu-ki's Tho-Ma-San Dr Kobe Asada
Senna-Ko's Stonewall Gal
CH Alder's Quest for Glory AM/CAN CH Shimbi's No Banzai Go
CH Fu-ki's Mercedes First Class

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