Maggie BW at the Rocky mountian Akita club Chanel 3rd in 12-15mth bitch class Dallas Made the first cut in Breed

The pre National Chanel 1st 12-15 mth bitches Maggie 3rd open bitches

Chanel 3rd 12-15mth Sweeps Rocky mountian akita club Specialty

Chanel 3rd 12-15mth bitch class Chanel 2nd 12-18mth bitch sweeps Maggie 3rd open bitch class Nationals

   Dallas hit the ring in style in 2012 out of coat and still has a great weekend !!!! Grp 3 at the NOWDA working Specialty and grp 2 at LKC Friday then Grp 3 Sat LKC Then GRP 2 Sunday!!!!!! 15 mths old!!!!

  Second weekend out and he goes grp 1 then RBIS show 1
show 2 he goes grp 3
show 3 grp 2
show 4 grp 1
show 5 grp 2
show 6 grp 2

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