CH Alder's Cover Girl

AM/CAN CH Kamakazi's Isan-Go x CH Fu-ki's Mercedes First Class

Page is a wonderful girl sweet as pie and loves everyone she is our companion girl. Page passed away unexpectedly November 24, 2006. She will missed dearly, our lives will be emptier without her.

Breeder: Alders Akitas
DOB: 3/11/1996
Cerf: AK-2556
Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
AM/CAN CH Kamakazi's Isan-Go  ~~~ ~~~
~~~ ~~~
CH Fu-Ki's Mercedes First Class AM CH Fu-Ki's Tho-Ma-San Dr Kobe Asada AM/CAN CH Fu-Ki's Hideki Tojo ROMPX
Tho-Ma-San's Hi Jinx
Pharfossa's Kandy Kane AM CH Pharfossa Maximum Overdrive
Fujin Akai Jade

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