Thank-you for the interest in our Akitas. We would like for you to take a few moments of you time to fill out this application to help us to determine the right puppy/dog for you. All information is confidential. Thank-you for your cooperation and help in answering our questions.

This application MUST be completed along with the referrances, Telephone numbers, and Photographs of home, yard and fencing. Otherwise this application shall be ignored.

If there is not enough room for your answers, please feel free to write on the back or attatch a seperate sheet.

Home to Alder Akitas

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Phone : Work Phone :
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Date Submitted :
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Closest relative name and phone number :
If married or living together does other adult approve of getting this animal :
Children in household :              Ages :
Others in household who will have contact with dog :

Will the dog come in contact with children other than household children ?
What dogs have you previously owned and for how long ?

Dogs present at your home now ( Breed, Age, Sex ) :

Are they Spayed or Neutered ? :

What other pets do you currently own ?

Why are you interested in obtaining one of our Akitas ?

Are you interested in a show potential or Companion ( All Pet puppies are sold on a CKC NON- Breeding contract and are strickly inforced ) :

Are you familiar with the characteristics and temperament of the Akita ?
What qualities do you look for in an Akita ?

Have you ever owned an Akita before ?
Are you committed to caring for this dog for it's lifetime ?
Do you have a fenced property/ and or kennel run ?

Where will the dog stay during the Day/Night ?

Have you ever raised a : puppy, dog, both, or neither ?
Who will have primary responsibility for caring for this dog ?
Does this person fully understand the time and effort required to properly care for an Akita ?
Will this person be willing to sign a moral obligation contract ?
Have you ever obedience trained a dog ?
Would you be willing to obedience train a dog from Alder Akitas if it is required ?
Would you be willing to allow someone from Alder Akitas or an agent from Alder Akitas to visit your home by appointment ?
Please provide Three (3) references with telephone numbers :

Please tell us any other information you wish us to consider in placing one of our Akitas with you. We would appreciate it if you would give us a little insight into the expectations you may have for this new addition to your family. Alder Akitas will accept $100.00 non-refundable deposit for a companion and $200.00 non-refundable for a show potential. We must receive application and ALL other information before a deposit will be accepted.

Payment can be made by Certified Cheque, Money Order, or
Personal Cheque

Please make cheques payable to:
Alder's Akitas
22 Alder Lane
(807) 939-1689