AM/CAN CH Alders's Leather N Lace

AM/CAN CH Kawakami's Czar Nicholas x CH Alder's Bit Chen Bear Hugs

Stevie is such a great girl. Her first show at 6 months, she won 3 BPIG's. She went west to B.C. to the Peace Arch Working Herding Specialty, went WB then at the Akita Club Of B.C. she went RWB. She finished in four weekends. She is quite a girl, type temperment and movement. Thanks to Bev Wilkinson and Marianne Southall for letting Lacey meet Nick.

I'm proud to say that Stevie's (10 months old) first USA show at Land O Lakes Kennel Club, Stevie goes WB/BOS for a 5 point Major on Saturday January 5, 2002. 

Stevie also won BOS at the 2002 Akita Club of Canada National Specialty

Breeder: Alder Akitas
DOB: 3/3/2001
Cerf: Current AK-4439

Stevie's Debut in the July 2002 issue of Canine Review

Her Progeny 
CAN/FIN SuCH Alder´s Jes Bit Chen For Bristol
CH Alder's Disorderly Conduct
CH Alder's Day Dream Believer
CH Alder's Ryder Of The Storm

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
AM/CAN CH Kawakami's Czar Nicholas AM/CAN CH Northland's Shere Khan of SDM Kita No Unryu of Sasahara Kensha
AM CH Frakari Starfire O' Northland
CH Kawakami's O-Mi-Kami-Mikomi CH Kawakami's Zschariah
CH Kawakami's Wesaka's Kitan Makita
CH Alder's Bit Chen Bear Hugs CH Stonewalls Kentucky Derby AM CH Fu-ki's Tho-Ma-San Dr Kobe Asada
Senna-Ko's Stonewall Gal
CH Alder's Quest for Glory AM/CAN CH Shimbi's No Banzai Go
CH Fu-ki's Mercedes First Class

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